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Conquering Technophobia: A Classroom Veteran Warms to Digital Tools

As we move into an increasingly technological world, it is more important than ever for teachers to incorporate technology into their lessons and practices. Technology for the classroom allows teachers to create lessons that are simply not possible with a blackboard and piece of chalk. Students are able to engage with learning by using SMART technologies, internet videos, google applications, etc. In the video “Conquering Technophobia: A Classroom Veteran Warms to Digital Tools,” an experienced teacher discusses the road to becoming technologically savvy; theres no surprise that his students are mainly responsible for paving that road. Students are, more times that not, very knowledgeable when it comes to current technology and when they are not¬†familiar, it seems to take mere minutes for them to learn a new program or application. Unlike many stone-age (or not) teachers, students of today have grown up with technology being second nature to daily activities and tasks. When possible, use your students to learn a thing or two – they will be more than willing to help!¬†